About Us

The Round Table is internationally, a friendship organisation, founded in Norwich, England by Louis Marchesi, then a Rotarian in 1927. From a small
group of 8 members, today it has grown to over 43,000 members across 52 countries representing every corner of the world. Round Table came to India in 1957 with the formation of Madras Round Table No 1 on November 14th 1962 by John Barton. Over the past four decades it has grown to become a 4,900
member strong association.

Round Table India (RTI) has around over 330 Tables located over 117 cities and towns, comprising of businessmen, entrepreneurs, technocrats and professionals, men who can rise above personal concerns to seek and serve the larger needs of the community. To date RTI has built over 6189 class rooms at an outlay of over 245 crores impacting the education of over 6.80 million children. On the administration front, Round Table India has a very active National Board, which guides the affairs of the association. Round Table India is divided into 15 Areas, which have their own Area Board to administer them. The National Secretariat, the hub of all activities of Round Table India, is located in Chennai.

Madras South Round Table 39 is the 39th table formed in India during the year 1977. MSRT 39 consists of 19 tablers and 2 Honorary tablers, Chaired by Arvind Katrela a renown Jeweler. The Vice Chairman of MSRT 39 is Anand Moorty who owns a Auditor, Secretary Harsh Garg who is into Iron & Steel Trade, Treasurer Rohit Shroff an Architect and Komal Dhiran into Sanitary are trading. All other members of MSRT are equally from good walks of life across diversified portfolios such as Steel Traders, Goldsmiths, Jewellers etc… To date MSRT 39 has built over 50 classrooms, supported the city during the disastrous movements such as Tsunami, Flood, Cyclone etc. MSRT 39 has conducted many musical nights such as Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Comedy Nights, Inter Corporate Cricket matches; Fun and Fair events where all funds raised was used towards the construction of class rooms for the underprivileged children.